AVEPA: monitoring and control over public investments in agriculture

Thanks to collaboration with Google and OverIT, the agency will be able to carry out verifications on the territory in a quicker, simple and efficient mode.

The Agenzia Veneta per i Pagamenti in Agricoltura (AVEPA The Veneto Agency for Payments in Agriculture), needed an infrastructure that facilitated inspections by its inspectors on the territory, aimed at evaluating the applications for receiving agricultural funds.

Google and OverIT, a company belonging to the Engineering Group, worked together to provide the operators with the most advanced technologies, which would allow them to carry out inspections in full autonomy, using a tablet, which becomes the tool for centralizing all the activities in the field.

A mobile app for Android tablets, jointly with an Operations Center on Web consoles, will allow Avepa to achieve the goals of:

  • increase of efficiency in communications with operators
  • geolocation of interventions, documentation and multimedia material
  • continuous monitoring of inspection operations in real time 
  • optimization of information flows
  • drastic reduction of the production of paper material.

The use of the tablet will allow optimization of operations in the field, while the Operations Center will allow full control of operations in real time.