Polis 2020: social innovation able to generate value for the citizen

The project aims to offer a strong contribution to solving a set of both technological and social issues in order to create and enable creative and inclusive digital communities.

The goal of the project is the creation of a socio-technical platform able to provide decision-makers, citizens and civil servants with technological and methodological tools that place them actively at the center of territorial dynamics in order to act as players of change.

The Polis 2020 project envisages definition of a methodological and technological framework that can enable, on the one hand, creation of a community of players acting as a catalyst for the territorial transition process, and on the other, continuous engagement of stakeholders within participatory innovation and open innovation processes.

The characteristics and performance to be achieved have been identified and chosen according to four main dimensions that will allow the proposed platform to have the features of a socio-technical platform:

Social Dimension: concerns participation and collaboration of the entire territory with a view to sharing goals and results

  • Tools of collaboration and interaction able to collect and analyze territorial needs and ideas
  • Participatory tools for decision support
  • Tools and methods to support multi-channeling as an important way of conveying services to citizens

 Administrative Dimension: concerns simplification of PA processes and participation of citizens and civil servants themselves

  • Tools and methodologies able to model, manage and evaluate Open Process

Economic Dimension: concerns the ability to build an effervescent territory from an economic point of view

  • Tools and methodologies able to define and simulate complex models of sustainability

Physical Dimension: refers to the technological assets capable of enabling a Smart Polis

  • Structured and unstructured data collection and processing tools
  • Tools for exploration and analysis of data collected through both traditional and innovative techniques, such as Social Analysis and Semantic & Sentiment Analysis
  • Tools for visualization, clustering and use of information

Thanks to Polis 2020, the Puglia Region has become the place for testing these innovative technologies and methodologies in order to trigger social innovation processes on a local scale that are able to generate value for the citizen.