Engineering's Open Data Application Index for Bologna City Council

More than 160 city council applications mapped inside the Engineering framework, with the aim of identifying propensity to Open Data.

With Engineering's support, Bologna City Council has undertaken a path aimed at realizing an Open Data portal through which its own data banks will progressively become available to its citizens, enterprises and other institutions, in open mode and format.

Before proceeding with publication of its databanks, the city's Economy and Promotion Department completed a preliminary project to formally measure its own information system's propensity to Open Data.

The project therefore provided for a thorough survey of the council's application portfolio, comprising more than 160 systems that support a wide variety of administration and management processes. Some important aspects in relation to Open Data were analyzed for each application in the portfolio, in particular, the significance of the publishable potential and appropriateness of publication.

The results were analyzed and summarized using a specific model and index created by Engineering: the Open Data Application Index. This is an index that assigns a score to each application and draws up a classification of propensity to Open Data for each system and relative databases.

The project allowed Bologna City Council to achieve a dual purpose, on the one hand the start up of a systematization of the council's entire application architecture and on the other hand the definition of a roadmap for opening up data and relative rational publication, selecting the archives with the greatest potential and appropriateness.

Download the white paper:
"The Open Data Choosing Framework"
Processi, strumenti e metodi per la selezione dei dati giusti