Enterprise Mobility: the company without a network according to Engineering

Mobile technology has now crossed the classic boundaries of use in the consumer world, expressing its potential in companies, and thus providing new force for business.

Engineering is in the front line supporting companies in extending its own boundaries, taking information where business requires it in real time.

Mobile devices, cell phones, smart phones or pc tablets, have now become items of daily use for people. Their use has so far been mostly limited to use with consumer type applications, but recently they have been powerfully entering companies, which in this way are able to provide the necessary information for carrying out business activity in the best way to the entire ecosystem (employees, customers, suppliers, partners).

Popularity, ease of access to a wide range of devices, simplicity of use, are the key elements that have contributed to the success in using mobile applications for consumers worldwide, and have contributed to the occurrence of what has been named the "consumer mobile revolution".

The constant demand by consumers for new mobile services - such as news, games, social networking, mobile banking, coupons, mobile commerce..., has brought about the need for companies and organizations to redefine their own business models, rethinking the way in which to supply their customers with services and products.

One typical example of this can be found in the entertainment market, where first Internet and then mobile devices have revolutionized the way in which the main players conduct their business. In Italy too, without having to look at the more advanced US market, we have excellent examples of this: using an mPayment platform developed by Engineering, the main Italian telephone operators have in recent months  launched a single, shared platform that is available for all their customers which provides for payment of digital content and services by a single click, using telephone credit. The consumer has the possibility of using an mPayment services in a secure mode from any device, thus allowing operators and content/service providers connected to them to enjoy new business modes.  

Unlike in the consumer world, the use of mobile technology in the business world has been partly slowed down by issues such as information security, quality of the applications available which were not planned for business use, and the possibility of having a centralized device. However, the latest technological innovations have now made a full use of mobility technologies possible, making them an enabling factor for organizations when obtaining business benefits that were so far impossible to imagine.

Engineering, which has always been a pioneer in supporting its own customers in developing customer-oriented mobile platforms and solutions, has set up its own Competence Center mCoE - Mobile Center of Expertise, making available all the mobility experience gained in recent years with its clients in various industries: telco, media, banking, utilities and manufacturing. Basing itself on the mCoE, Engineering has developed its own offer for Enterprise Mobility with which to support companies in launching and developing use of mobile technology, thus allowing new business opportunities in different areas: B2B, B2C and B2E.

Engineering's mobile offer comprises the following services:

Engineering Mobility Consulting
Provides consultancy services for supporting companies and organizations in developing “mobility strategies”, “business and technology plans” and designing mobility solutions.

Engineering Mobility Software Application Services
For the development of mobile applications software, including ones based on customer specifications, market package configuration, development of in-cloud and in hosting solutions for all the main operating systems and technological platforms.

Engineering Mobility Managed Operation
A set of managed services available for clients, which allow a rapid start-up and consequent vertical scalability of mobile solutions according to a variable offer, exploiting the potential of in hosting and cloud computing services.

Thanks to these services, a considerable reduction of set-up complexity and time required is possible.

Engineering has collaborated with several clients in the development and management of mobility platforms and solutions, based both on cross-platform technology (SAP Sybase, GEOCall, Microsoft, etc.) or device-dependent technology, such as Apple. These companies are at the cutting-edge in the use of technology as a competitive lever for their own business.