SMaRT: Sistema Matrice Regolamentare

The solution is aimed at the management of all those aspects linked to the generation, analysis and control of information to be sent to the Supervisory and Control Bodies on a regular basis.

In line with the most recent new contents of the "New provisions for prudential supervision for banks" issued by Banca d'Italia, the proposed solution is based on an architectural layout that allows all the legislative obligations to be managed centrally and in a modular manner: the different analyses are carried out from a single information source and the relative reporting are generated.

The system is completed by diagnostic and analysis tools that guarantee information and process integrity and quality.

The new SMaR-T – Sistema Matrice Regolamentare solution comprises a new multi-company Supervisory database, with new models and a considerable calculation power, improving consultation modes and generation navigability than the current standard.

The new intuitive, guided browsing process allows data and metabases to be available in the same environment and at the same time.

The procedure also has a specific web tool  for Data Repair that allows information to be correct in its utmost detail. A diagnostics and internal alignment system is foreseen that highlights formal and consistency errors to be seen in each report, which emerge during the input acquisition phase and during the generation phase.

Lastly, there is also a tool - SMaR-T Office - that guarantees the possibility of consulting all the information in the procedure database simply and intuitively for the user.