Itineraries and cultural and tourist attractions in Italian towns all in an app

The more than 8,000 Italian municipalities are the gateway to the national cultural, touristic and environmental heritage; a wealth and variety that are recognized as one of the most important in the world. Web 2.0 and mobile solutions are now allowing further enhancement of this heritage.

Together with ANCITEL (the National Italian Association of Municipalities services company), Engineering has developed a solution - app and platform - to enhance the value of tourist and cultural heritage and itineraries in Italian municipalities and provide the tourist with a full digital experience of the territory's cultural heritage.

The solution allows management of digital and multimedia content via the implementation and integration of different access and use modes: from augmented reality to gaming, from geolocalization of content to multilingualism.

From event management to social networking, up to big data crowdsourcing: the solution provides advanced social media marketing services, also allowing use of digital content on Italian tourist and cultural heritage and also services for the economic and tourist development of the territory, via CRM components and mobile electronic payments.