AVCpass: the system that simplifies and standardizes tender application procedures

Simplification of activities, computerization and standardization of the procedures favor the direct exchange of information between the various entities involved to the advantage of economic operators and the Public Administration.

Participation and management of tenders is a generally burdensome procedure, mostly due to the documents that the participants have to produce.

According to the contents of the decree “Simplify Italy” (Leg. Dec 5/2012), AVCpass is the web based system created with the technological contribution from Engineering for the Public Contracts Supervisory Authority (AVCP), that allows economic operators who take part in tenders for contract which require a CIG (Tender Identification Code), using IT tools for loading and managing documents that prove the necessary requisites for participation.

AVCpass offers a platform for management of the tender procedure for contracting stations and the awarding bodies using standardized flows, which the documentation travels through in a simple, automatic manner, is then checked, and new requests and integrations are made. As the hub of the entire system is the proof of requisites, the strengths of AVCpass are built by cooperation mechanisms with the certifying bodies, which allow specific documents to be retrieved by asking for them directly from the issuing sources, relieving the users of some burdensome tasks and guaranteeing authenticity and truthfulness of the data.

The system involves about one million users in the 140,000 annual tenders managed each year by AVCpass. These figures make you realize the importance of the advantages coming from process standardization and the streamlining and simplification that the system brings to the world of public procurement.