Intelligent transport: on the road accompanied by technological innovation

Info mobility for reducing pollution from heavy goods vehicles, app with information on public and private mobility, mobile ticketing to facilitate tourist routes: many Engineering projects that help improve livability in cities.

Engineering is the only Italian company that can offer an integrated proposal of services, consultancy and software solutions that can realize development strategies for smart cities and smart communities.

The "Intelligent Transport" report in the Innov@zione.PA magazine contains three strategic Engineering projects for local viability.

Infomobility Portal for Milan

The integrated public and private mobility system for Milan City Council will allow real time controls on the incoming traffic load, estimations of average traveling speeds and evaluations of different classes of vehicles on the city network.
The data gathered will be processed and used to improve the services offered to users by the portal.



MiMuovoSmartCity Bologna

Realized for Bologna City Council and the Emilia-Romagna Regional Council, the integrated infomobility platform allows citizens to find all useful travel information in real time on an app on their smartphones: stops, lines and buses, traffic and congestion problems, parking spaces available, cycling tracks, remote-controlled entrances, clean roads. 

Salento in Bus

The mobile ticketing project realized for the summer transport service in the Province of Lecce allows tourists to move around more easily in the Salento area. An app that offer precise information on lines and times for calculating itineraries and for purchasing electronic tickets.
The project allowed the Province of Lecce to win the 2012 E-gov prize for the "most intelligent user services".