ENG4AUTO: integrating automotive

Thanks to the suite ENG4AUTO Engineering caters to brand Automotive to offer consulting services, technology and outsourcing, and to support and optimize all processes of the value chain: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Finance, Sales and Marketing, After Sales Dealer Network, CRM.

The goal of Engineering is to be a global partner of its customers, to assist them and support them in addressing the typical requirements that characterize the automotive industry.

Industry actors have very different needs, depending on whether they are of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), component manufacturers, National Sales Companies, dealers, repairers.

Engineering has been working for more than 25 years in the automotive industry and provides its customers expertise and solutions to 360°.

The company covers:

  • Manufacturing: a modular suite of solutions, services, and Industry 4.0 compliant technologies, oriented to the supervision and control of production processes, to the measure of the efficiency of the systems, the tracking of the product, the verification of the quality parameters and the online support staff to production and Maintenance


  • Product Development: monitoring of time and costs related to the birth of an initiative inherent in the launching of a new product or the redesign of an existing product
  • Supplier Quality: analysis of the performance of components mounted on a specific car during warranty, in order to improve the quality of the supply
  • Cost Engineering: focus on time and cost of the product lifecycle, from commercial launch until all'outgoing
  • Energy: innovative solutions for the collection and intelligent management of energy and environmental information of the production sites, to organize and monitor the efficient energy saving policies
  • Product Marketing: Competitiveness, Benchmarking, Product Configurator, Content Management System and Pricing
  • Sales, After Sales and Markting: the entire management of sales and assistance processes, in support of Brand, dealers, sales force, workshop personnel and end users.
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