comunicato | Rome, 29 noviembre 2016

Engineering and Doxee united to transform communication in the world of energy

From meter to Customer Experience, the step is now shorter

Thanks to the Doxee Interactive Experience solution, Engineering is extending the scope of its offer of management of Billing and CRM processes based on the Net@SUITE solution, enabling effective and engaging communications in every point of contact of the Customer Journey.

Communications are moving from paper to the web, from the mailbox to the mobile phone, becoming customised welcome videos, interactive bills and upsell promotional videos for targeted marketing campaigns. Customisation, engagement and interactivity are now the keywords that convert mere administrative formalities into value-added communications, increasing user satisfaction and loyalty.

Today, companies can know what happens as soon as communication leaves their confines, for measuring acceptance and effectiveness through analysis of user behaviour. The RAI licence fee customised video initiative, created to explain recent regulatory changes, and activated in less than a month for some Engineering customers, is proof of this. The video, customised with personal and residence data, and sent via e-mail and SMS, has shown 500% greater efficacy than the sector benchmark for traditional marketing campaigns*, demonstrating how video and customisation have a significant multiplier effect.

More than 150 customer companies active, half of national meters served and a deep understanding of the specific processes of the Energy market, combined with a technological solution for managing key business processes, make Engineering the ideal partner for sector companies of all sizes, from local operators to large national distributors.

Doxee is present in the Utility world with its Customer Communication Management, Customer Experience Management and Paperless solutions, managing the flow of production, transmission, delivery and digital storage for some of the major Italian players. With its natively Cloud proprietary technology, which can be integrated rapidly with the existing application ecosystem, Doxee quickly enables digital transformation projects without the need for architectural investments.