comunicato | Rome, 20 luglio 2015

Second edition of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report published

The stories from award "2015 Reporter for the Earth" accompany the Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Engineering, the leading Italian IT company, has published its second Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The Group wanted to continue a path of transparency started last year on the matter of sustainability with all its stakeholders through a process of public, open statements.

This decision stands on the belief that the best results of economic development for the company cannot be achieved without strict observance of sustainability matters, from policies for its own employees to contribution for improvement of citizens' collective life, measuring of its own environmental impact and indications of the targets for improvement that the company will set itself autonomously each year. For this very reason, Engineering asked Giulio Sapelli, professor of Economic History and Political Economics at the Università degli Studi di Milano, to read the document before publication and offer the company stakeholders a comment-introduction, placed as an introduction of the Report, as a "influential third party".

The Engineering Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report has been written in compliance with the new "G4 Sustainability reporting guidelines", at ”core” level, published by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). By welcoming the suggestions from the new G4 guidelines, which provide for a focus on the reporting of material topics, Engineering has carried out an internal and external review process to identify the most relevant topics, which have guided the structure and content of the document, and the results of which can be found in the appendix.

Paolo Pandozy, Engineering's CEO, has declared “Corporate Social Responsibility is a new way for us to take a look at ourselves and at the outside scenario: a paradigm through which the business model and the complexity of the company organization can be integrated according to a social, environmental and economic ethic”.

The document shows data, projects and services provided in 2014 to the communities and organizations with and for which Engineering has worked, in addition to the main economic and social impacts of its own activities, with special focus on Italy, where the Group carries out most of its operations and concentrates most of its results.

Some of the company's most satisfactory data:
- training and development of human resource skills for a value of 7 million Euro per year
- investment in Research and Innovation worth 33 million Euro in 2014
- the opening of a new Research and Development laboratory in Lecce in the DHITECH Technological District in joint participation with local partners and important research institutes like Puglia universities and CNR.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014 also contains all the economic data, with particular attention to the value distributed to the Group's various stakeholders: a production value of 853 million Euro, a generated direct economic value of 858.1 million Euro, a distributed direct economic value of 804.7 million Euro.

The Report highlights the Group's lines of identity, code of ethics, relations with stakeholders and all the company's business assets, which, in the various markets where it operates (public and private) and using the various solutions and application areas (research, innovation, citizens' services, simplification, energy efficiency) converges its own strategies and actions towards the main objectives of modernizing the country.

This year, the stories from the 2015 photo-journalism award “Reporter for the Earth” are accompanying the document. The initiative, carried out in collaboration with Earth Day Italia and the Ministry of the Environment was created to exalt the best photo-journalism contributions to environmental information, was supported by Engineering to underline its attention on these matters and place the spotlight on the central nature of good information, necessary to spreading a new environmental culture.

The Engineering's Corporate Social Responsibility Report is published on the website page: