Engineering training flies to the USA

Leadership, team-building, motivation and managerial expertise in multicultural contexts.

The Academy "Enrico Della Valle" of Engineering was awarded two three-year training contracts with the United Nations: the first concerns training for IT professionals in the various UN peace missions worldwide on the use and certification of the various sub-products of Symantec technology.

The second contract is for the training of United Nations managers belonging to European, American and African offices on topics such as leadership, time and stress management, problem solving and managing one's collaborators.

With regard to this latter contract, the first training course that the Academy provided was held in June 2013 in the United Nations headquarters, in the famous Glass Building in New York.

The subsequent session is planned for November 2013 in Valencia. The course was conducted using a "blended" teaching solution that combined a remote coaching service, interactive workshops and a final assessment with the classroom training, to support the students during the entire learning process that will end in 2014.