Billing and Credit Management for ENI Gas & Power

The billing and credit management project foresees the development, installation, configuration, parameterization and implementation of the Net@SIU solution.

The Billing and Credit Management modules in Net@SIU have been integrated with other systems that the client has, such as Siebel, AGL (metering system), bank/post office systems for standing orders, accounting systems for profit and loss flows. The basic integration infrastructure is TIBCO.

Activities carried out:

  • project management
  • functional analysis and definition of solution
  • software development
  • parameterization
  • functional tests
  • tests/User Acceptance Test
  • start-up and post start up support
  • in addition to assistance, training and application maintenance.

Benefits obtained: advantages in terms of business (e.g. in the construction of offers for the middle market, adherence to legislation, time to market, proactive management of the client) and technological advantages (scalability and integrability of the solution for supporting the merge & acquisition policies that are regrouping the market); and high levels of performance for creating client loyalty and keeping the company competitive.

The ENI world: 3000 clients including large enterprises, electricity production companies, wholesalers and operators in the truck sector, 10 million customers including families, professionals, small and medium enterprises and public bodies located throughout Italy.