Real Estate Survey Management

A solution for supporting the acquisition and administration of real estate surveys.

The need

Management of real estate assets given as guarantees has always been at the center of loan granting processes by banks. This activity has become even more critical after the introduction of the New Agreement on Capital (Basel 2).

As we know, it requires more stringent criteria for accepting guarantees, incontrovertibility, in any legal process, of the documentation gathered, frequent revaluations of guarantees at fair-value.

It is easy, therefore, to understand the extreme importance of the problem, considering the impacts on banking compliance.

Efficient management of real estate, in this context, requires surveys that are:

  • complete
  • detailed
  • qualitatively valid
  • reliable
  • fraud-proof
  • recent

and management of all the players involved (surveyor, manager, counterparty...).

Financial brokers, therefore, need tools that aid the carrying out and monitoring of all the phases involved in evaluating the real estate offered as a guarantee:

  • management of players involved
  • definition of acquisition-evaluation-management of surveys processes
  • offer of a survey gathering tool, to support the surveyors' work
  • evaluation of the quality-truthfulness of surveys
  • monitoring of the progress of work on properties undergoing construction/rebuilding.

The solution

The portal for managing real estate surveys allows the entry and electronic management of surveys, making all the suitable process phases automatic, including Geolocation.
It allows for the centralization of all the data within the bank, for a single access point for all the users involved (single user experience).
The start up of an evaluation can be either automatic from a bank procedure (PEF-GAG) or manual, directly in the procedure.
Each application is associated with one or more surveys: each survey is assigned to a surveyor who may be an employee of the bank or external. Each survey can be associated with electronic documents.  They can be attached both by the bank, during the survey start up phase (documents to be given to the surveyor) or by the surveyor (plans, accompanying documents...).


  • Full management of all the survey processing phases.
  • Processes guided by dynamic workflow depending on the type of survey and the type of surveyor.
  • Different entry levels depending on the user's role.
  • Engine for the automatic identification of the expert providers/surveyors according to: survey, geographical area, amount, provider/surveyor scoring.
  • Dynamic definition of document set and checklist of all completed items.
  • Dashboard for applications being processed, profiled by user.
  • Periodical monitoring of revaluations according to set expiry data and Basel II rules.
  • Multi-bank, multi-language, interchannel architecture; scalable, integrated and secure.
  • Enterprise application J2EE, SOA based, multiplatform and DB independent.