Billing and Outsourcing, a winning pair at VIVIgas

The Engineering Net@SIU application and the IT Management services for managing technological infrastructures fully respond to the customer billing needs.

VIVIgas is one of the main Italian operators in the sale of methane gas and electricity in the deregulated market.

The application solution Net@Suite operates in web-based architecture and uses the relational database ORACLE for the data component.

The solution's "N-Tier" architecture, also foresees the Database Layer, also an Application Layer which the product's application engine operates on and a Presentation Layer, that is the access point for the final user.

Net@SIU is designed to allow the concurrent execution of online Front and Back Office (transactional) activities with those offline activities such as Billing (usually defined as "batch"), so that the billing and post-billing processes can be handled in a transactional manner and carried out in parallel with the management processes of Front Office activities.

The architecture includes the following hardware, basic software and environment components, divided by:

  • Level 1 - BackEnd Layer Area: contains the DB servers for the production environments, inspections, tests and DB Prontoweb
  • Level 2 – Front-end Area: contains the application server NET@SIU for the production, inspection and test components
  • Level3 - Presentation Layer Area: contains the Farm Citrix for use of interactive services
  • Level4 – DMZ Area: contains the exposed services of Prontoweb.

The foreseen architecture was sized by setting itself the goal of achieving high levels of availability, scalability, performance and safety.

The outsourcing activities foresee the following services: Housing, System Monitoring and System Management.