Consultancy and products for certifying health authority financial statements

Engineering closely follows the changes in legislation and is successfully accompanying some of its clients in the necessary procedural and application transformations.

The reform introduced by the Legislative Decree 118/2011 and the introduction of the Implementation Paths of Certifiability (PAC) have defined the new legal, accounting and methodological references for Health Authorities and Regional Administrations, which require changes to programming and control systems, administration-accounting processes and to other aspects of the company organization. The information system to support these processes plays an essential role for the success of the change actions required.

The characterizing element of the support provided by the Engineering Group to Health Authorities and Regional Administrations is represented by the integrated offer of Managerial Consultancy, Application Consultancy and Product Evolution, synergy of methods, skills and software for achieving the goals set out in the Implementation Paths of Certifiability.

The consultancy support provided is allowing internal control models and operational instructions that can tangibly accommodate the new legislative references to be placed alongside and/or substitute the high level traditional administrative procedures.

In concert, the application Competence Center for administration and accounting is developing the clients' information systems by the implementation, integration and start up of the AREAS® Administration and Control system: a solution that natively corresponds to the new accounting and management standards required for financial statement certification.

Among the other activities provided in response to the new organizational and operational models required are the following: analysis of configurations, user authorizations, workloads and data quality (personal details, reconciliations etc), recoveries and personal detail redesign, revision of configurations, implementation of application processes, ledger-balance sheet reconciliation, inventory of assets, issue and variation of orders, implementation of alerts on internal processes, etc.