VARIOUS Project: Human Resources Assessment

Further to the entry into force of the Leg. Decree no. 150/2009 and the adoption of the performance measuring system by INAIL, an IT system was developed, VARIOUS, for the measurement and assessment of the executive managers' and assimilated staff's skills.

The system created by Engineering is housed in the INAIL portal and has an infrastructure that manages aspects of integration, authentication and security for data access.

Thanks to VARIOUS, the entire Assessment process in now online, placing all the players involved in the process in contact. A first phase of self-assessment by the staff involved is followed, where foreseen, by an assessment by the internal consultant. Otherwise the form is filled out by the proposer. Lastly, once the proposer has consolidated his assessment, the decider then acts.

The system allows all parallel activities to be managed, such as notifications and the possibility of having the assessment sheets reviewed and/or revised.

Assessment of individual performance is carried out using a set of indicators. After assessment of individual performance, a score is given according to the assessment systems named above for each staff category and the score is entered in the range of merit indicated below, for payment of bonuses.