NOIPA: Staff Presence and Absence Management

The only system for managing Public Administration staff, which can guarantee limitation of costs in full response to spending review regulations.

NoiPA - Presences management is a complete solution for management of monitoring presences, in observance of the current law in force regarding Ministries, non-economic Public Bodies, healthcare, regions and local autonomous administrations.

The main benefits expected concern the limitation of costs for the PA bodies that adhere to the project and to integration between processes and systems both for the single body and for entire Public Administrations by a uniform management for all the staff of the various contractual institutes.

The system is divided into sections/logical areas that represent the various activities that users can complete.

Configuration: activation of the rules used by the system.



Presences/Absences: management of daily staff data for managing activities required for monitoring and processing employee absence and presence.

Monthly management: in this section, it is possible to count the activities carried out by office staff in the previous month, compensating absences and overtime, calculation of indemnities accrued and the total of relevant tickets.

Badge: badge management with functions that allow management rules to be associated with each employee.

External staff: section in which it is possible to activate the functions for managing personal data about external staff. The functions allow a badge to be associated with each external staff member and/or visitor, to track badge passing.