UNIACQUE: Integrating two companies using Best Practices

UNIACQUE S.p.A. is a fully pubic corporation that manages integrated water services in the province of Bergamo. Further to the acquisition of BAS SII by the A2A Group, Uniacque has purchased a new ERP to integrate the two companies' operational and functional processes.

The goals

 The completed project allowed the  following goals  to be achieved:

  • guaranteeing availability of an integrated, functional company information system
  • activating stringent management controls and regular controls on financial flows
  • redefining some company processes by exploiting characteristics of the new application platform
  • preparing an integrated logistics-accounting system for managing utilities (Billing, CRM, etc.).

The activities carried out

Engineering implemented  the SAP ERP (FI, CO, MM, SD modules) and integrated them with the active cycle management systems (NET@SIU for BAS SII and AdHoc Enterprise for Uniacque). It also developed a web application for  managing the list of suppliers.
Thanks to a mix of resources custom-designed for the project, Engineering has able to offer a service of excellent on a limited available  budget and with extremely challenging requisites regarding support for the processes review.

The beneficiaries

  • Orientation towards the Best Practices for process revision and consequent organization for the merger
  • Automation of processes previously managed on paper (signatures of approval for Purchase Requests and Purchase Orders).