FI-NEXT: Bringing FIWARE to the NEXT step

FIWARE – Open APIs for Open Minds making and sharing open source technology for smart solutions.

Digital technologies underpin innovation and competitiveness across a broad range of market sectors. A key technology to boost such innovation and competitiveness is represented by the full and wide adoption of Open Service Platforms.

OSP will allow increased competition and market penetration because they should be built on top of royalty-free open specifications, adopting open source reference implementations, so to be offered by multiple vendors.

The FP7 for Research and Technology funded the previous projects – FI-WARE and FI-Core – and developed the FIWARE platform, which has already demonstrated its potential of becoming a service platform of choice, used by SMEs and start-ups.

This potential has increased when four main European ICT players, with global ambitions – Telefonica, Engineering, Atos, and Orange - included FIWARE in their strategies for market development and created an open to all legal entity, the FIWARE Foundation.

The aim is to attract and have more and more stakeholders using and driving the evolution of FIWARE, so as to develop an open and sustainable ecosystem around it. Within this frame, the FI-NEXT project, co-funded under Horizon 2020 Programme, will put in place all the needed measures to make FIWARE materialize such a potential.

This will be achieved by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Bringing FIWARE from a European Open Source project to a global Open Source Community;
  • Ensuring FIWARE meets the highest quality standards and best technical support;
  • Positioning FIWARE as the de facto standard for the development of smart applications;
  • Ensuring FIWARE Lab to be a self-sustainable environment.

Engineering has played a strategic and leading role since the beginning of FIWARE, in the FIWARE community and the FIWARE Foundation, and it plays an important role within the FI-NEXT project  too. It coordinates the FIWARE Lab (a federation of infrastructures offering a trial and free environment FIWARE based to experiment FIWARE) and is responsible of operating the Italian FIWARE Node in Vicenza.

Engineering is involved in the Quality Assurance task and in charge of the functional test of FIWARE GEs. It is owner (in charge of new evolutions and support to users) of Knowage (the data visualization GE that replaced SpagoBI) and involved in the support and development of the Orion Context Broker GE. Engineering is also in charge of giving support to usage of the FIWARE Academy platform, main entry point for the training on FIWARE.