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The continuous search for excellence of the product development process

Engineering possesses extensive expertise and consolidated experience in the most common PLM tools.

Competition for market shares, the search for customer loyalty which entails increasingly customized products, the imposition of large cultural and social evolution factors and the continuous pressure on costs, raw materials and energy are all elements that demand constant, increasing commitment in Research and Development.

The transformation of Research and Development investments into concrete results is also conditioned by the efficiency and efficacy of the Product Development process; the latter - in its role as an integrator between Research and Development process and downstream execution, is the true driver of innovation rate.

The need for a product process

Increasingly optimized, integrated development does not only concern the large manufacturers but is becoming an extremely interesting argument for the various part suppliers, due to the constant moving downstream of value proposition.

Engineering does not only have great expertise and consolidated experience in the most common Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools, but can also support its own clients by using a specific method framework, developed specifically for the sector with the aim of offering excellence in the product development process and the resulting feeding of downstream processes.

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