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The government of efficiency and development of the financial company

Engineering offers coverage of all applications, measurement of performances, income analysis and overseeing of accounting problems.

Thanks to a global, integrated proposal (consultancy, system integration, applications,  BPO services and IT management services, market best brand technologies) Engineering oversees the government of financial company efficiency and development, by controlling and  measuring risk, income and value variables, and the fulfillment of accounting administrative, information obligations towards control authorities.

The solutions offered are characterized by the extremely efficient architectural setup: construction of unique information assets that ensure consistency in information and which is open to all the technological platforms currently available.

What are Engineering's elements of value?

Covering all Risk Management needs, of Internal Audit and Corporate Governance, from measuring controls adopted by the Bank/Group in order to manage the various types of risk (in particular credit risk) and to determine the absorption of assets, in line with the principles dictated by Basel II/III.

Performance measurement and profitability analysis, at all dimensions considered to be relevant for management purposes, in order to satisfy the needs of suitable governance of the value among the risk-performance indicators.

Overseeing of accounting problems and fulfillment of all the requests from the various supervisory authorities (Banca d'Italia, Consob, Revenue Office...), thus supporting the Financial Institutions in interpreting Compliance and managing relations with the Supervisory Bodies.


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