EW-Shopp: Supporting Event and Weather-based Data Analytics and Marketing along the Shopper Journey

EW-Shopp is a European Commission Horizon2020 project which aims at supporting companies, operating in the fragmented European ecosystem of the eCommerce, Retail and Marketing industries, in increasing their efficiency and competitiveness by leveraging deep customer insights.

Improved insights will result from the analysis of large amounts of data, heterogeneous and in multiple languages, acquired from different sources and sectors.

EW-Shoop will develop a platform to integrate consumer and market data, covering customer interactions and activities across different channels and with different languages, to provide insights on rich customer journey. Insights will also be enriched with information about weather and events, two crucial factors impacting on consumer choices supporting thus a new generation of business analytics which are at this time too costly or require expertise in multiple specialized sectors.

The main business objective of EW-Shopp is to develop a cross-domain data integration platform which includes the following key elements:

  • Several data sources
  • EW-Shopp core data
  • Data Integration and Analytics
  • Business cases and new marketable services.

The EW-Shopp business cases will involve partners like Big Bang, GfK, Measurence and JOT and will focus on implementing the following new business services, based on business data enrichment and analysis: Consumer journey data integration, Impact of external events on sales trends, Location scouting, Campaign-driven purchasing intentions.

Engineering will bring in the EW-Shopp project the knowledge and the assets related to the data visualization and navigation, human-machine interfaces and interaction protocols, Business Analytics and Intelligent System Engineering. Those tools will be integrated with the other key components and services provided by other partners in order to build the final EW-Shopp platform.