MVNO and multimedia content

Engineering has supported the entry of a leading virtual mobile network telephone operator into the Digital Media market, enabling both the provision of offering multimedia content and defining it by marketing, using its system integration methods.

Engineering has developed and implemented all the components for using the content destined for the youth target (e.g. music, videos, internet browsing, instant messaging...), from Music Client, to access the music store, both free and charged-for content, to the Mobile Portal for using various types of content (video, news, games, wallpapers...) in streaming / download&play and play mode, and also the realization of components for specific services such as Live TV, for viewing "a little at a time”.

Use of the content is supported by special devices that the operator has produced further to special agreements with the manufacturers of mobile and smart phones.

Engineering has also created the CRM platform, whose functions support analysis activities, communication and creation of customized offers by Marketing.