Iperbole, the new civic network for Bologna

A new digital space for Bologna Metropolitan Council with more services for citizens, families and businesses.

Twenty years after it was created, Iperbole proposes a new frontier in public digital services: the new online services for citizens and companies, designed and realized by Engineering, overturns the classic bureaucratic model, that is organized hierarchically and vertically, and finally meets with the user's interests and needs.

"User centered" public services, more information and transparency, more collaboration to increase the value of common assets: this is Bologna's new civic network. Realized after a long joint development path, by a team of internal designers in the Administration, supported by their technical partners, including Engineering, Epoca and Snark.

The project will be launched online on 15th December 2014: this will be the first time that an Italian Municipality offers a digital space for accessing its own online services and collaboration and participation platforms.

The new civic network Iperbole is a digital space that can be accessed from PCs, tablets and smart phones using a unified digital identity. It will be divided into three areas:

  • The Municipality - information on institutional and political activities
  • Online Services - space dedicated to online services
  • Community - for the collection of civic innovation projects.

Engineering has designed and realized the Online Services area: a unique, personal, outlined space for accessing all public services and digital relations. in which citizens and companies can communicate directly and simply with the Public Administration and access personal data certified by the municipal systems.

In this first version, new digital services will already be available, such as: the diary with all the administrative deadlines and obligations, access to building files, payment of bills and fines, and requests for certification from the registry office.

In the community area, all the citizens, companies, associations and informal groups can easily present themselves, have a blog, describe their own projects and learn about their neighbours’ projects, using the geolocation maps.

The new civic network Iperbole was planned starting from the demand for change that emerged from the Digital Agenda and Metropolitan Strategic Plan's participation programs, and thanks to Engineering's vision of innovation and project capacity. A realization model for innovative digital citizenship for the Public Administration, compared with other Italian or European cities.