Geocall Mobile 5.1: Business in Movement

The OverIT platform for the development of business solutions adds new features for the creation of Consumer Apps.

In the Mobile App market we have seen a rapid convergence of the solutions destined for the consumer world and for business in recent months. The needs to be met, and as a consequence the solutions developed, bring Consumer Apps ever closer to Business Apps in terms of performance, user experience, number of users, integration with company systems and usability on different devices.

OverIT has preempted this phenomenon by launching the 5.1 release of the Geocall Mobile platform, which, in addition to features specifically designed for the creation of Consumer Apps, also introduces a new specific development environment for the creation of HTML5 Mobile Web App solutions.

Specific features have been introduced with Geocall Mobile 5.1 for the creation of Consumer Apps to develop both client solutions and HTML5 solutions.

The 5.1 release for the development of Client Apps separates the graphic component of the Mobile application into two distinct levels with rules for defining the managed process. In particular, the Geocall Mobile Accelerator has been separated from the User Interface Definition level that allows the navigation rules and graphic characteristics of the application to be defined.

The new release also introduces a specific development environment for the design and creation of HTML5 Web App solutions.
With this new environment it is possible to create multi-platform Web App solutions with features that operate in both online and offline modes, integrated with the Geocall Replicator and that make use of all the features of the devices used.