Maritime Surveillance: from origins to the CISE

Engineering's consolidated experience in the realm of solutions supporting civil and military surveillance at sea.

Engineering deals with maritime surveillance for more than fifteen years, proposing itself for the management of support systems belonging to the Italian Navy: Maritime Command Control and Information System – Italy (MCCIS).

The adoption of European Directives in relation to the monitoring of merchant navy traffic by Member States has allowed the start up of a "virtuous circle" that has guarantee the acquisition of EU projects by re-using experience gained in military environments (e.g. SafeSeaNet/STIRES for the European Maritime Safety Agency – EMSA, Consolidated European Reporting System/Single Vessel Database for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency UK – MCA).

These realizations were an essential contribution to the acquisition of research projects inspired by the topic of maritime and border surveillance (e.g. PERSEUS, BlueMassMed, SAGRES).

The experience acquired in civil environments were useful for functionally expanding the military systems, introducing some functions that were initially ignored by users as they were of a different domain (e.g. realization of the Italian Navy MSA system. SMART).

Also, Engineering has invested in the realization of support systems for port activities aimed at implementing the European Directive 2010/65/EU that introduces the concept of "Single Interface" or "Single Window". In light of these experiences and competences, Engineering offers itself as the reference company in Europe for implementation of the policies foreseen by the CISE program, Common Information Sharing Environment.