HOMECARE4ALL: innovating home healthcare

Engineering collaborations with the project promoted by the Lazio Regional Administration for the realization of a supply-demand match model for homecare services that introduces process and business technological innovations.

HomeCare4All sets is main goal as realizing an innovative solution that acts as a means for intermediation between supply/demand in homecare, by realizing a technological platform that includes a supply/demand matching and user interface environment created ad hoc for the elderly, disabled and non-native Italian speakers.

The project is based on the development of an ICT infrastructure that acts as a broker between suppliers and users of home services that work to provide people care support. Through a true marketplace, the infrastructure will provide the final user with a single point of access to a huge range of services, such as nursing services and home rehabilitation.

This infrastructure will be an innovative channel for home service providers, through while they will be able to come into contact with users and offer access to their own services continuously and inclusively.

HomeCare4All will represent the entry to a whole galaxy of personal homecare services for the user, with the possibility of searching, consulting, booking and interacting with them naturally and transparently.