ELIOT Project, Turin

Engineering supports ELIOT, the management platform for the multi-company transfusion service in the Piedmont regional capital.

In 2007, the Piedmont Regional Administration approved the "Regional Blood and Plasma Plan" in line with what was established by the national plan, regarding the accreditation and control of transfusion centers and the distinction between transfusion medicine and the preparation of blood components, as already occurred in the rest of the European Union.

In recent years, the preparation of blood components required industrial processes with a high technological and organizational input and therefore was concentrated in a few reference centers that responded to the growing healthcare demand in terms of quantity, timescales and complexity. This is how the Blood Component Production and Validation Center (CPVE) was created at the OIRM Sant'Anna Hospital in Turin.

The CPVE made the choice of setting up a single information system, in the context of managing and governing operational processes as the exchange of information with other transfusion centers and the need to share the information with voluntary donor associations played an important role.

Thus, in 2009, the "ELIOT Città di Torino" project was created, by setting up a single information and unification procedure in a common database of the information archives used by the various operators.

The need to set up a technological infrastructure to support the information systems was all too clear, and the definition of an organizational model that guaranteed full operativeness of the applications and infrastructures was absolutely essential.

Given the difficulty for each of the local health authorities involved in the project to guarantee this service, in November 2010, it was decided to entrust Engineering with the project of setting up a technological infrastructure to support the "ELIOT Città di Torino" system, with the intention of having a single interlocutor for both the application and technological component.

The organizational model now has an outsourced technological infrastructure from each local health authority, which the users connect to via the regional RUPAR network.

The ICT infrastructure is managed via the Managed Operations services provided by the Engineering Data Center in Pont-Saint-Martin, while the application management and Help Desk services are provided by the Engineering Healthcare Diagnostics BTU in Naples.