Open platform for the management of stops in parking areas.

The platform envisages the use of devices (normally sensors) that detect the occupancy status of parking stalls and is designed for entities that want to manage rest areas within their territory. The platform creates the Smart Parking Control and Monitoring Center and makes various mobile apps available for users.

The following are the main functional areas of the Control Center:

Registry Management: in this area there are functionalities for managing the registry related to rest/parking areas, parking stalls, sensors, ...

Monitoring: this is the functional area where users with the intended authorization profiles have access to the functionalities that enable real-time monitoring both in tabular format and on maps of:

  • Status of occupancy of parking stalls (real-time and historically)
  • Operating status of sensors
  • Real-time events/alarms transmitted by sensors
  • Sensor diagnostics (battery status, transmission parameters, ...).

Reports: this functional area contains the functionalities for creating detailed reports on parking data and thus makes it possible to have a summary picture of the use characteristics of rest/parking areas. The following are some of the types of reports: number of parking stalls by area and type, average occupancy of parking stalls, number of parking stalls with 'unauthorized occupancy', average duration of regular stops, number of penalties imposed by controllers of infringements in the event of established unauthorized occupancy of parking stalls, etc.

Analysis and Business Intelligence: the functionalities in this area enable the performance of Business Analytics and having useful information on, for example, the average occupancy rate of parking stalls, analysis of stay supply and demand, etc.
Administration: this functional area contains functionalities for access and security management, rules for the use of parking stalls (such as time slots and maximum stay allowed, schedule and time of validity of regulations, etc.) and of penalties.

Smart Parking Mobile App

Smart Parking Mobile App makes the following functionalities available to city users, the disabled, logistics staff, and those responsible for controlling stops and verifying infringements:

  • Real-time detection of car parks with free space (by proximity and/or by address)
  • Location of car park used (find my car)
  • Calculation of route to parking stall/address
  • Information about parking regulations.

For enforcement staff in particular:

  • Reporting of possible infringements
  • Communication of penalties to the Control Center in the event of unauthorized occupancy
  • Verification of parking permits.

Special functionalities for the management of parking stalls reserved for disabled users are also envisaged.

Technical characteristics

  • Fully web-based, modular and open to functional, application and technological evolutions
  • Developed with JEE technology and open source components
  • Based on relational and non-relational databases
  • Independent of platform (hardware and operating system).