Synergies for integration, optimization and automation of IT at SEAT Pagine Gialle

Active in five European countries. SEAT Pagine Gialle is a large multimedia platform that offers detailed information and sophisticated search tools to tens of millions of users, and a wide range of media and opportunities of visibility to 600,000 advertisers.

The project's goals were the sale of the company division regarding Data Center infrastructure management, in order to achieve greater organizational efficiency that is suitable for guaranteeing company continuity and responding to the market's and clients' demand for modernization and optimization of the "Data Processing Center" asset by developing synergies with a leading company in the sector. 

The services provided were: Data Center management, monitoring, server management, DB management, SAP management, Work place management, Network management, SPOC for all ICT services (technological and application).

The benefits arising from the operation are:

Integration of the SEAT CED in Turin with the Engineering Group Data Center network, provision of services not only for SEAT but also for other companies in the area.

Reduction of subcontractors: use of Engineering staff as a gradual replacement for external resources: Engineering's large client portfolio allows such an operation to be carried out, while maintaining a high level of service flexibility and reactivity.

Reduction of overheads: Engineering proposes pricing models based on a fixed rate limited only to the "run-the-business" expense and a "services catalog" for non reoccurring costs. The client has the possibility of controlling his own costs, dosing the variable costs depending on his business trends and budget availability

Automation of operations characterized by substantial manual input. Use of management automation tools currently used by Engineering

Why Engineering?

  • Optimization of the Data Center asset within a Group strategy for further development of the Managed Operations offer
  • SEAT staff optimization
  • Economics
  • Know-how (creation of a joint applied research laboratory for new technologies).