S.E.A. - Security for marine Environment and Aquaculture

Engineering is one of the promoters of S.E.A., the research project for the development of hardware and software solutions for monitoring and preventive and scheduled maintenance for aquaculture facilities.

The overall goal of the S.E.A. project is to develop an innovative integrated system for monitoring the marine environment and its state of health which enables the security of the production structures of aquaculture facilities and the environment in which they are located, and which satisfies open issues in terms of production optimization, management of production means and their impacts.

The system at the base of S.E.A. is constituted by a set of hardware and software devices which, working individually or in cooperation among each other, solve the main problems afflicting an aquaculture facility at sea (coastal or offshore).

This integrated system enables:

  • supervision, securing, preventive and scheduled maintenance of aquaculture facilities including on the basis of marine weather forecasts
  • reduction of environmental impact and of production of food residues
  • improvement of zootechnical performance, including through reducing the risk of self-pollution and improving the welfare of farmed fish
  • creation of a collaborative environment to support operators which integrates different information sources (networks of sensors interconnected with the logic of the Internet of Things, external databases, information generated by users) and which, on the basis of the principles of Collective Intelligence, identifies (or excludes) the correlation between biological data collected at sea and the production data of the plants in order to propose forward-looking strategies.

In line with the provisions of the "Habitat 1" directive, the S.E.A. system is designed to meet the "Health of humans and the environment" challenge contained in SmartPuglia2020, by proposing methods and instruments that enable the compatibility of sustainable aquaculture development with nature protection and site conservation.