SISBA3: The third dimension of the Summary Systems

The renewal and natural evolution of the Department Summary system, capitalizing on 25 years of experience gained by Engineering in the banking and financial sector.

The integrated management of acquisition, analysis and control, calculation, transformation and data logging of all the information required to cover Supervision, Balance, Risk, Income and Value needs and satisfaction of all the internal encoded and non information needs, brings banks to base their strategies on a more dynamic and contextualized management of information and to address concepts such as: data quality and consistency, optimization and control of processes and best practices.

Sisba3 is a new dimension of the Summary and Departmental Systems, aimed at satisfying the increasingly pressing needs for information by the Governance and Compliance area of the bank.

Sisba3 is a set of processes and data required to satisfy the different needs of the Compliance and Governance area. It is a Business Information Management solution, as it requires elementary data input known by the payment schedules (core/operating systems), and structures the information according to the users' needs (CFO and CRO), transforming and standardizing data into useful information for strategies and for governance.

It is the point of standardization, certification, enrichment and alignment of information and also the guarantee of consistency and uniformity; all while observing the requisites of timeliness, flexibility, modularity and navigability which are required at an individual and Group level.

The system is natively integrated with Engineering's vertical applications in the Compliance area (Reporting, CR, Balance sheets...), in the Governance area (Basel 2, Income and Value...) and with the Data Quality Management System and provides for the return of calculated information, compatible with Sisba3 entities, and the publication and redistribution towards vertical applications that foresee their use.

It also allows for easy supply of third-party or client custom applications and publication of information on Data Mart designed by Engineering and their use by third-party systems (DW or Data Mart).