Open platforms for ITS

Engineering solutions for "ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems".

ITS combine transport system engineering tools with procedures, systems and devices that enable the collection, communication, analysis and distribution of information data among individuals, vehicles and goods on the move, as well as between them and infrastructures or services for transport and information technology applications.

The platforms implement local or distributed Innovative Control Centers concerning:

  • mobility in a city
  • public transport
  • dangerous goods
  • road safety
  • management of rest areas.

Smart-MOBILITY is an open platform for the creation of mobility control centers and is aimed at entities that want to monitor and control mobility on their territory and also want to provide citizens with information and solutions for mobility that are always updated in real time.

Smart-TPL, and in particular the Smart-TPL Tracking module, implements a Local Public Transport Control Center both for companies that need to monitor and control their vehicles and for regions, catchment areas, metropolitan cities and municipalities which perform management and control activities.

Smart-DG implements a Control Center for monitoring the transport of dangerous goods. It is designed both for entities for territorial monitoring and the preparation of risk maps and for companies for the planning and monitoring of their vehicles.

Smart-ROAD is an open platform for road safety monitoring designed for entities which, with reference to the National Road Safety Plan (PNSS), need a system that will enable the availability of constantly updated incident data and useful information for improving safety conditions concerning road networks and infrastructures under their jurisdiction.

Smart-PARKING is an open platform for the management of rest areas through the use of devices (typically sensors) that detect the occupancy status of parking stalls and is designed for entities that want to manage rest areas within their territory.