From provisioning to alienation: optimized management of workplaces

Engineering services for managing workplaces are divided into three different, yet complementary and integrated lines.

Service Desk

Engineering provides a flexible, shared and customized service based on each client's needs. The processes and tools used are integrated with the context of the client who can count on multichannel contact, (telephone, mail, web).

Total operational coverage (full services 24x7x365) is guaranteed thanks to the 150 specialized technicians of various native tongues (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian) who are constantly updated about the service/client characteristics and with a low turnover.

The central structure is in Pont-Saint-Martin and is connected to the satellite sites in Milan, Vicenza and Palermo.

There are more than 160 clients and more than 1,000,000 tickets managed, reaching a high level of solution (up to 90% of first call resolution).

Centralized Services

Engineering manages the entire life cycle of assets for its clients: provisioning, allocation, moving, withdrawal and alienation.

It can count on a team of specialists who are dedicated to operational activities, who have several years of experience in Workplace Management and on a central structure that is connected to the various hubs in Italy, at its own sites or those of the client.

This type of services may include remote storage, installation and finalization of workplaces, management of various logistic carriers, centralized management of complex incidents and problem management, distribution and control of software in workplaces and mobile equipment, management and monitoring of management consoles (antivirus, patches and SW distribution) and centralized management of third-party suppliers.

There are more than 230,000 workplaces in Asset Management with more than 400,000 managed assets; more than 70,000 workplaces managed centrally for SW control & distribution.

On Site Services

The services are guaranteed at client premises throughout Italy and overseas thanks to more than 350 dedicated specialists for the realization of specific projects, storage and installation of workplaces, massive distribution of equipment, technological refreshes and migrations, VIP assistance for clients' Top Management, onsite finalization of activities carried out by centralized structures.

Assistance is also guaranteed thanks to the hiring of partners, throughout Italy and in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Turkey and China

More than 100,000 planned and on demand interventions.

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