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FASTER: new technologies for the safety of first aid

Augmented Reality and IoT increase the protection of emergency response teams in dangerous environments, improving their situational awareness and communication systems.

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FASTER - First responder Advanced technologies for Safe and efficienT Emergency Response aims to develop a set of tools for enhancing the operational capacity of First Responders while increasing their safety in the field. A new approach for disaster response in order to improve Europe’s overall disaster resilience will be established.

Specifically, the project will introduce Augmented Reality technologies for improved situational awareness and early risk identification, and Mobile and Wearable technologies for better mission management and information delivery to First Responders.
Body and Gesture-based User Interfaces will be employed to enable new capabilities while reducing equipment clutter, offering unprecedented ergonomics. Moreover, FASTER will provide a platform of Autonomous Vehicles aiming to collect valuable information from the disaster scene prior to operations, extend situational awareness and offer physical response capabilities to First Responders.
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First Responders will improve their situational awareness receiving information gathered and analyzed by a Portable Common Operational Picture (PCOP), gathering multi-modal data from the field, utilizing an IoT network, and Social Media content to extract meaningful information and to orchestrate an intelligent response to the disaster.
The whole system will be facilitated by tools for Resilient Communications Support featuring opportunistic relay services, emergency communication devices, and 5G-enabled communication capabilities.

Engineering leads the scientific coordination and technical management of the project. It is responsible of the FASTER System Architecture, component specifications and the development of innovative tools for building the situational awareness. In particular, Engineering provides a “just in time” feed model to avoid information overload, allowing the knowledge to be interpreted by software and to be processed in real time in order to provide information.
Engineering is also responsible of the design and development of the FASTER portable visualisation tools which enable end-users to understand critical information at a glance.

The project has received co-funding from H2020 - DRS02-2018 the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No. 833507


Guarantee first responders safety as well as enhance their operational capacity

A new approach for disaster response in order to improve Europe’s overall disaster resilience

Enhance first responders capabilities in terms of situational awareness and communication

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