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Reinsurance Platform


Supporting companies in the end-to-end reinsurance process.

XLayers enables the management and certification of reinsurance processes, from the allocation of technical items (premiums, claims) to reinsurance contracts, to the preparation of accounts to reinsurers / brokers and the feeding of the accounting system.

It is equipped with a sophisticated statistical system to filter and extract granular information.

XLayers is modeled on the actual operational needs of the various companies, certifies all phases of the reinsurance processes, supports the audit and improves the management and administrative aspects.

What does XLayers do?

An ecosystem that allows the "end to end" management of all active and passive reinsurance processes and manages all aspects of assignments and retrocessions, from technical to administrative and reporting

Designed for insurance companies and groups, it is a multi-currency system and manages proportional and non-proportional reinsurance, mandatory and optional.


At least 50% reduction in reinsurance management costs and 96% of management and reinsurance calculations automatically concluded.

Centralizes and homogenizes reinsurance rules in a single database and makes users independent.

Eliminates operational risks in the region.

Allows you to check and analyze in detail the content of the balances.

Provides timely information to management to enable the best decisions.

The whole XLayers process is self-consistent with respect to data quality.