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Simona Project: European Space Agency

Together with the European Space Agency we integrate different technology domains for safer maritime navigation.

Approach & Solution



Safety at sea is one of the prerogatives for seafarers such as merchant shipping companies, owners of pleasure boats and related insurance companies.
In fact, the Navy and the Coast Guard have control in the open sea for research and rescue purposes.

This activity requires continuous updating and the use of innovative technologies for reducing risks related to navigation, such as accidents at sea and possible spills of polluting substances.


The need for a higher level of control gave rise to SIMONA: a project realized within the scope of the European Space Agency's "ESA ARTES 20-IAP (Integrated Applications Promotion)" program and in which our company participated as the main partner.

This project led to the creation of an information platform useful for improving the Maritime Situation Awareness (MSA) of the Italian Coast Guard and Navy and, thus, improving navigation at sea. All this was accomplished through the integration of different technological domains: satellite technologies (Earth observation, localization and communication), ICT technologies (web services, smartphones, GIS, 3G, Bluetooth, etc.) and other services (AIS, weather data, etc.).


3 months of tests in real world scenarios

TRL 8/9: complete, qualified and tested system

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