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Optimizing the management of business resources and processes through the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Approach & Solution



After having grown considerably, optimizing the management of resources and processes becomes an essential activity for companies that aim to adopt agile and dynamic approaches. Today, technology provides great support in this sense, and Engineerig is a leader in Digital Transformation. This is why Eletrobras chose our company as the right partner for their initiative.

Eletrobras is a Brazilian company and a leader in the energy field. The company generates 37% of the entire country's electricity supply. In addition, Eletrobas transmits and distributes 57% of Brazil's electricity.


The Digital Transformation challenge Engineering took on was to develop a customized SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for all 10 of the group's companies.

The goal was to integrate all of Electrobas' processes and people into a single digital system, encouraging business productivity through the collection of data and information from various application domains, such as: Finance, Audit, Budget, Procurement, Sales, e-Bills, Taxes, Asset Management, Maintenance, Project Management, Human Resources, Remuneration, Consolidation, Business Intelligence, Governance, Risk and Compliance.


Greater security and reliability of information

More productive and efficient processes

Increase in decision-making speed

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Process performance

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