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Cybertech: ACCREDIA accreditation for Cybersecurity assessment testing laboratory

Cybertech's testing laboratory stands out in Italy as one of the select few accredited to conduct precise Vulnerability Assessment tasks, employing a Standardized Test Method and adhering closely to the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 regulation.

Accredited services

Officially recognized by Accredia, Cybertech's testing laboratory is equipped to perform Vulnerability Assessment activities. Our services cater to operators engaged in:

  • Trust services (eIDAS)
  • National trust services governed by SPID regulations
  • National trust services guided by digital conservation norms.

Who can benefit from our services?

"Since March 1, 2021, organizations operating in the realm of trust services under eIDAS and SPID categories must conduct periodic Vulnerability Assessment tests through an independent third party accredited to perform such activities.

To meet this requirement, we operate through our ACCREDIA-accredited Testing Laboratory housed within Cybertech, ensuring independence and impartiality. We provide Vulnerability Assessment services in full compliance with current regulations.

Cybertech stands among the few companies in Italy offering this service, marking our Laboratory's accreditation as a significant step in Cybertech's strategic journey. As an Italian excellence active globally in safeguarding companies' digital transformation, we are committed to evolving our offerings and expertise to address the continuous technological and regulatory advancements at both national and European levels, ensuring consistent cyber resilience for organizations embarking on digital transformation journeys."

Fabio Momola, CEO Cybertech and Executive Vice President Digital Technologies

The significance of accreditation

  • Impartiality: The Laboratory upholds unwavering impartiality, executing tasks with objectivity and resilience against external influences or pressures, while vigilantly managing associated risks.
  • Confidentiality: Managing all data with utmost discretion, the Laboratory ensures strict adherence to confidentiality constraints throughout its operations.
  • Competence: Staffed with adept personnel, continually trained and equipped with the latest qualifications, the Laboratory delivers robust testing capabilities.
To ensure the accuracy of our assessments, we utilize a comprehensive methodology for calculating the risk level associated with vulnerabilities. This methodology takes into account objective parameters and employs well-defined metrics. By aggregating these values, we provide a clear depiction of the true risk index associated with each vulnerability.

Reference method and scoring

NIST SP 800-115
NIST SP 800-37
NIST SP 800-53
A well-known vulnerability scoring standard composed of three factors: a base score, a score related to time, and one based on the context in which vulnerabilities are detected.
A well-known vulnerability classification standard that allows for easy identification in an international context. The documentation produced by Cybertech, whenever possible, includes the CVE identifier for each vulnerability.

Laboratory Policy

Complaints Management

Accreditation Certificate from ACCREDIA and Comprehensive Test Listing