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CONSIP: Digital Health - Clinical Care Information Systems

The Framework Agreement provides PAs with a wide range of professional services in the areas of medical records, enterprise imaging and telemedicine, which can be selected as required to compose a combination that meets the needs of each administration.

Approach & Solution



With our proposal, we want to help healthcare organisations to develop models that meet citizens’ health and wellbeing needs, assisting them preventively throughout their entire life, going beyond a single ‘reactive’ service and aiming for increasingly customised, preventive, participative healthcare, without neglecting the additional central issue of the sustainability and suitability of healthcare systems.


Our in-depth expertise in the area of the Framework Agreement allows us to rapidly implement new ways of assisting and caring, not only for emergency health needs but also for a more effective hospital-territory continuity, through innovative tools for treatments, clinical activities and collaboration even when professionals are remotely located.

The information assets we create are based organically and comprehensively on the individual patient, feeding into digital tools that, in a specialised, integrated and proactive manner, support diagnosis, treatment choices, care activities, and governance decisions.

Our approach enables us to modernise and reinforce the entire technological infrastructure of healthcare organisations, securing highly sensitive individual data assets, and supporting healthcare processes, including those performed in a mobile way, via smart working, or with the direct involvement of the patient.

As individual companies of the RTI, we possess a unique knowledge of the organisational and operational context of Italy’s National Health Service system at various levels. We are national leaders in the segment of software and IT services for public administration and healthcare, and, united, we offer direct experience gained on numerous NHS structures located throughout Italy.


Thanks to the framework agreement, the following can be activated:

  • Development Services: development of software applications from scratch, evolutionary maintenance of existing applications, application migration to the cloud, parameterisation and customisation of third party/open source/re-use solutions, software development and evolution in collaboration with the administration
  • Maintenance Services: adaptive maintenance and maintenance, corrective maintenance of legacy and non-warranty software
  • Application Management Services: application management and databases, digital front-end management, website publishing and content, specialist support
  • Infrastructure Services: technical conduction, technological support.

There are also Accessory Services that respond to various cases not covered by the previous services, as long as they are relevant to the areas of reference (clinical records, enterprise imaging and telemedicine). For example, with the Accessory Services it is possible to procure both software licences of RIS commercial products and devices supporting diagnostic imaging, or software licences for telemonitoring commercial products and electromedical devices to build telemedicine kits to support patient follow-up, upon which it is possible to build a dedicated solution by activating the other services provided.

How to join

The following can participate:

  • Bodies and entities at the national level of the SSN: Ministry of Health, which is the central body, ISS - Istituto Superiore di Sanità, IZS - Istituti Zooprofilattici Sperimentali
  • Bodies and entities at the territorial level of the SSN: Regions and Autonomous Provinces that operate in favour and on behalf of the SSN, Local Health Authorities (ASL, AUSL, ATS, etc.), Hospital Authorities, public IRCCS
  • In-house investee companies operating in favour of the NHS or on behalf of the entities listed above: SOGEI, regional in-house companies, etc.

The participation process is formalised through the conclusion of an executive contract, which can be reached in two ways: according to the terms and conditions of the framework agreement without reopening the competitive comparison between the economic operators parties to the framework agreement (“All-Fixed Conditions”), or by reopening the competitive comparison between the economic operators that are parties to the framework agreement (“Competitive Relaunch”). It is only possible to enter into All-Fixed Conditions if: 1) the administration does not intend to request additional services; 2) it is not necessary to customise the terms and conditions for the provision of services as defined in the QA; 3) the value of the executive contract does not exceed €5 million.

You can find more information regarding membership on our portal: