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Corporate events to learn about and experience sustainability

Two days of sustainable team building by training orientation skills in the woods, collecting wild herbs, preparing a green aperitif, and above all, discussing sustainability issues in a fun and informal way.

It is the experience lived by a group of Engineering employees organized by Faroo, the first innovative benefit startup that offers companies the opportunity to create a positive environmental and social impact.

So for two days, spent in an ancient village surrounded by greenery on the outskirts of Rome, some colleagues during a corporate event were able to benefit from eight hours of training on issues related to sustainability, in an informal and innovative way, generating positive effects on the environment, as certified by the certificate received at the end of the experience.

Faroo has calculated that in the two days, thanks to this initiative, 280 kg of CO2 were saved, 15 local products enhanced, 11 local people helped and 36,200 liters of water were saved.

The company's commitment to training employees on sustainability issues continues, an increasingly corporate style for our Group.



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