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Enhancing customer interaction with Salesforce

Thanks to Salesforce and the Atlantic Technologies' support, Alpitour World provides travellers with proactive interaction and a customised service.

Approach & Solution



The need to increase competitiveness in the market and enhance interaction with the end customer led Alpitour World in 2019 to embark on a digitalization journey together with Atlantic Technologies.

Thanks to the expertise of Atlantic in the Travel & Hospitality industry, AlpitourWorld managed to achieve its project objectives, including:

  • innovating the tools to support social account management;
  • boosting the customer engagement;
  • automating marketing activities.


With the adoption of Salesforce and the integration of Sprout Social, Alpitour World can now:

  • interact with its contacts consistently, building a relationship of trust with its fan base;
  • listen to customers and anticipate their needs, shifting from a passive attitude to total proactiveness;
  • lead users towards the travel and services offering, using social channels to optimally advise and guide users as they discover the website;
  • provide a fully customised approach, based on the individual customer’s previous, current or future experiences, thanks to a 360 degrees view on data and his activities.

Moreover, the Marketing Cloud solution enables the tour operating division to automate marketing activities and send targeted messages to travellers.


Increased engagement

Increased understanding of customer needs

Customization based on specific needs

Increased efficiency and effectiveness through automation

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