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Robots and sensors to monitor patients’ behaviour and psycho-physical state: telemedicine brings the doctor to your home.

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Thanks to the latest technologies, patient support and monitoring activities are undergoing a substantial change, leading to an ever-greater adoption of telemedicine by doctors and patients.

Given our long experience in the healthcare and hospitals sector, we at Engineering are keen to lead this digital transformation, collaborating in the development of AMICO. AMICO is a project focused on the development of an infrastructure, referred to as an “Instrumented Environment”, aimed at monitoring patients' behaviour and psycho-physical state.
More than this, our solution supports telemedicine services designed to help doctors or caregivers in the remote monitoring of individuals affected by cardiovascular events, who are undergoing rehabilitation treatment.


The solution consists of sensors worn directly by patients and installed in their home environment, of a telemedicine services platform and of a Robot, “Pepper”, developed by SoftBank robotics, which acts as a mediator between the person and the virtual environment.
This infrastructure integrates clinical data and facial expression analyses, making it possible to analyse patients' psycho-physical conditions, monitor patients directly from their home, measuring their well-being and making them feel protected and safe throughout the course of the therapy.

The project is an innovation at national level and is aimed, in particular, at elderly patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, during the period following their hospital discharge.

The project is funded with PON Research and Innovation 2014-2020 and FSC funds (


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Reduction in the number of hospital admissions

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