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Our smart approach on Loyalty Marketing

More efficient and profiled marketing campaigns: our solution on cloud thought with Salesforce for a Big Player in the Oil market.

Approach & Solution



A leading oil company (in the fuel retail area) needed to replace its marketing platform with an SaaS solution capable of managing specific campaigns for loyalty users.
The aims were to create customer profiles that could be used for planned campaigns and to initiate new customer profiling paths to be devised for new campaigns. The solution therefore had to allow simple segmentation, reducing campaign execution times.
To meet this challenge, we used our architectural and technological skills, which allowed us to achieve a high level of integration with the client's other business systems.


Our solution adopted a Salesforce-based architecture for CRM. It is integrated with the mobile app that is used to manage the loyalty system, the transactional data warehouse system, and the POS system for the physical management of the loyalty card.
We supported the project with consulting services in an SaaS cloud environment. IT Consulting activities were also carried out for the implementation of the solution and for business & user services, and support for change and the empowerment of the client's business resources was provided.
Today, we manage high annual volumes of requests across multiple channels: around 27 million emails, more than 5.7 million SMS, and around 600,000 push notifications, with more than 1.2 million contacts.


Configuring and managing marketing campaigns independently

Real-time reporting on the progress of the campaigns

Personalised customer journeys for the customer base

Reduction of time frames for the execution of campaigns

Simpler segmentation of campaign audiences

Project value

Process performance

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