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Museo MAXXI: Visit a museum in an interactive way.

We accompany museum visitors with our chatbot combining Artificial Intelligence and Gamification.

Approach & Solution



MAXXI - National Museum of XXI Century Arts is the first national institution dedicated to contemporary creativity, whose structure was designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid.
Create loyalty and interest, involve and inform: these are the objectives of our Customer. In order to achieve such objectives, we offered a modern and flexible solution that allows the museum get in touch with each single visitor, delivering information about exhibitions, events and other activities, even after the visit period.

The solution consists of a virtual assistant that, thanks to an Artificial Intelligence engine, communicates with visitors, anticipates their curiosity and tests their knowledge through Gamification.


The implemented solution is not a simple chatbot: Engineering Interactive UX team has collaborated with the MAXXI editorial staff in the design of a very particular interactive guide aimed at accompanying visitors through works, exhibitions and events of the museum, with the chance of winning particular prizes. The system is in fact integrated with:
  • Google Dialogue Flow, allowing the public use natural language interaction with the museum’s website, and allowing the chatbot to update automatically, whenever a new exhibition or event is published.
  • With the Museum website, to be automatically updated with the available information, such as those related to new exhibitions or events.
  • An Engineering proprietary component, allowing the Gamification of the experience and offering prizes to visitors.


Increased accesses to the bookstore

Greater visibility for the museum

Greater visitor loyalty

Increased traffic on social networks

New channel to promote exhibitions and events

Increased average visit duration

Project value


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Google Dialogue Flow
Engineering Gamification Engine

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