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Cloud in PA: AdER and the new debt situation for taxpayers

Providing taxpayers directly from their private area with all the information on their debt situation in real time, in both summarised and detailed form.

Approach & Solution

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The challenge that AdER (Agenzia delle Entrate-Riscossione) called us to face was to provide citizens with all the information they need to keep their debt situation under constant control and updated in real time, through access to their private area. It was a complex operation since information was stored on mainframe systems that were certainly not geared to the new ways of using data.

Driven by two key factors, the need to support an unpredictable flow of data with possible spikes and not to block the operations of the bank counters, the approach adopted was to host these new software strands in a new architecture alongside the existing one, with the aim of lightening it as much as possible and keeping costs within a limit.


All the information was made available by developing container-based microservices, therefore with a cloud-first approach, intermediated by a caching mechanism that allows the information to be stored and in turn containerised, for a given amount of time and/or until an event occurs that cancels its validity, in a NoSQL MongoDB database.

It comes with specially developed macro-services with the task of orchestrating and producing PDFs containing the information requested by the taxpayer. The architecture was implemented in the Microsoft Azure cloud using Azure Kubernetes Service and timely autoscaling of the microservices based on custom metrics developed with KEDA and Log Analytics.


New NoSQL database

Operability of the counter guaranteed

Improved performances

No increase in cunsumption

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