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Artificial intelligence against diabetes

A digital medical device for educating patients affected by type 2 diabetes and enhancing their well-being through personalised advice and their doctor’s support.

Approach & Solution



The adoption of unhealthy lifestyles (such as obesity, sedentary behaviour and poor diet) is leading to an ever-greater spread of type 2 diabetes, the complications of which often tend to be underestimated. Our experts are working on an mHealth-type service to support diabetic patients in preventing disease complications, as well as non-patients who are aware that they are at risk of developing the condition.


Users receive a series of customised recommendations, adapted to their knowledge levels and their state of health.
The suggestions are provided by health professionals, or automatically by the system, on the basis of psychological and motivational theories. This makes it possible to determine the interactions and persuasive strategies that are most likely to lead to a modification of the patients’ lifestyles.
The services involved consist of:
  • personalised coaching.
  • lifestyle monitoring.
  • patient empowerment.
  • patient engagement.


Prevention of the onset of type 2 diabetes

Fewer prescriptions for medication

Reduction in the hospital visits for patients

Improved patients health

Increased patient adherence to treatment

Project Value

Cost cutting
Process performance

Enabling Technologies

AI & Advanced  Analytics

Project Team

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