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Poste Italiane: 24/7 management of postal savings books

Thanks to our innovative solution, Poste Italiane offers an always updated service without time constraints.

Approach & Solution



Poste Italiane is today the largest reality of the logistics sector in Italy and is a leader in the financial, insurance and payment services sector, with a network of over 12,800 post offices, approximately 130,000 employees, 536 billion euros of total financial assets and 35 millions of customers.

Given the huge number of users, Poste needed to innovate the management of some of its products, first of all that of postal savings books, so as to offer its customers a more immediate and simple user experience.

The Engineering team responded to Poste Italiane's challenge by designing the Libretti H24 platform, which will allow users to use the service without any time constraints. To create the new system, the data model was revised, enriching and optimizing the organization of the information assets, so as to facilitate dynamic configuration.


This will allow Poste Italiane's customers to access information updated in real time and without having to wait for the execution of batches needed by the old scenario.
Furthermore, Engineering intends to manage the transition between the old and the new system avoiding service interruptions and to manage the duality between the two systems to verify their correct functioning.
The project includes:
  • a DevOps approach in the development process and in managing customer builds
  • deployment of Openshift containers on Unix machines
  • Enterprise streaming architecture (Kafka)
  • Microservices (Openshift Container)
  • NOSQL repository (MongoDB)
  • Spilling from DB2 Mainframe to MongoDB via IBM CDC and Kafka.


Dynamic organization of data

Use of information in real time by the customer

Better integrability with other subsystems

24x7 service

Project value

Cost cutting

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