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CRM strategy for a high-level navigation

We implemented the CRM software of a Travel & Hospitality Market Leader, allowing a 360-dregree customer view.

Approach & Solution

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A shipping company, which is a leader in its market and operates on an international scale with a range of services targeted at both consumers and businesses, has developed a Business Unit dedicated to the launch of a new and innovative line of products and services, aimed at a top-of-the-range, demanding and high-spending customer segment.

Within this context, the need arose to support the company's relational processes with the use of CRM software integrated within the company's main application systems in order to maximise efficiency, obtain a 360° customer view and ensure a high-quality customer experience.


Following some interviews carried out with the entire company management to understand the needs in terms of marketing, customer care and sales processes, we identified the main requirements and needs, enabling our team of consultants to define a short term and medium-term CRM strategy to manage the entire consumer and business customer lifecycle as well as the touchpoints of the customer journey in omnichannel mode.

Then the technological architecture was outlined, with Salesforce at the centre as the CRM solution (Service Cloud for Customer Care, Sales Cloud for the Sales area, Marketing Cloud for the Marketing processes). Our Consulting Team supported the client and the implementation team from start-up to end-user training. In this way, the team ensured that the technical solution proposed was consistent with customer expectations in terms of functionality, user experience, KPIs, and budget.


New architecture of the CRM software

Definition of a short term and medium-term CRM strategy

Omnichannel approach to manage all touchpoints of the customer journey

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